Kingswood Calf Registration App

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful and most noble employment of man.”

Kingswood-eidapp-#1Kingswood Computing provides you a truly amazing Calf Registration App that can help you in the process of registration of your calves in less than 20 seconds or so. This app is designed to make the process of calf registration easy and simple. With this app, you can easily able to add an inventory of cows, calving dates, vaccinations, and many other useful data. If you haven’t completed the registration process then this app will remind you to make sure that no calf goes unregistered. Kingswood Computing is an innovative and informative farming app that gives farmers proper information of managing herd management in an efficient way. It also helps them to complaint with animal welfare and tracks all the records at all times.

Never leave your animal in bad condition. With Animal Remedies App you have your entire herd in your hand. Through this app, you can easily know about the diseases of livestock and it is extremely useful for agriculturist as they are unaware of their cattle health condition, causes, symptoms, dosages, medication side effects, and other vital information. All our apps can run on phone, tablet or PC and can focus on compliance records and key aspects of dairy/beef management.